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Coffee tables have got an inevitable place in interior designing. However big the space is, a coffee table adds a touch of comfort and luxury. It can be in the living room or in the bedroom to make the room cosy.

If you have read my last post, I just moved to a new apartment and I spend most of my time in Pinterest. There are endless ideas and inspirations and it was kind of difficult to decide the coffee table for my small living room.

I wanted to do one myself but I didn’t have time and I have other decors to take care of. So, I bought it in IKEA. It is a rectangular metal table with glass top. But I found many creative and easy DIY coffee tables that I thought that I would share with you!
Source: Pinterest

This is my personal favorite. A classic rectangular table with a Scandinavian touch. I love how airy and fresh it looks.

Source: Pinterest

This table is from IKEA (VITTSJÖ), which is remodeled. This is the one I chose for my apartment in black.

Source: Pinterest
Just one of the ideas on how you can use old wooden cases.

Hairpin legs are so on trend now. You can add them to any piece to create a table. You can even find other types of metal legs to go with any type of table base.

Source: Pinterest
 Another table using just wooden slabs and hairpin legs.
Source: Pinterest

You can replace the regular one piece wooden slab by a piece of drift wood to get a luxe and unique coffee table at a low cost.

Source: Pinterest
 Just sliced wood stacked one on top of each other.
Source: Pinterest
 An inverted metal basket can turn into a table.
Source: Pinterest

A piece of log and a glass plate makes a sophisticated table. One more brilliant idea which costs next to nothing is using a cable spool as a table. You can usually find one abandoned by the roadside (if you are lucky!)

Source: Pinterest

Who would have thought that a window could be a table? And it makes an excellent display of little decorative items. I might put some crystals there or a small self-sustaining ecosystem. What would you do?

In the same style, why not use a vintage box or suitcase? Excellent storage for magazines (or you can hide your bottles!)

So, do you have a coffee table? Which one do you prefer? 

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