Denim romper

Hello girls! How are you all doing? I am writing this post from my hyper-comfortable sofa sipping some red wine, watching a TV show and thinking about last weekend when the sun was shining bright when we shot this outfit. I am at the countryside spending some fun time with my
friends even though the sky is grey and it’s raining. I will say that this is the perfect climate to wear a denim romper.
I love rompers (except for the fact that I have to be naked when I use the restroom). They are stylish and it’s kind of sporty chic, which I will tell is my style. But a full-sleeved denim romper is just not comfortable on a bright summer day. So I chose to wear it again today when it’s a bit chilly and there is no sun.
I styled it with my new sandals that I bought when I was in Brussels and my new bag from Parfois. It must be my 41st (or 42nd?!) pair of shoes and surely it is not my last. I was wearing my wedges when I visited Brussels but the paved stone streets wouldn’t let me walk and I might have broken my ankles numerous times. So that was a reason good enough to get new shoes and I chose a very comfortable pair by Biotime. These are therapeutic shoes but they look like Birkenstocks and are 3 times cheaper.

Denim rompers – Balzac Paris
Bag – Parfois
Shoes – Biotime
Now tell me, do you like rompers?
That’s it for now girls. Talk to you  on next post!
Take care


  • Reply Julie Ann Lozada September 19, 2017 at 20:19

    your denim romper is so cute 🙂

    anyway, I like your blog, wanna follow each other? please let me know. thanks 🙂


  • Reply Ruby October 6, 2018 at 08:23

    just love your outfit

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