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I have been waiting till February to start my 2019 because January is the Monday of the year. But, I could only start it in end of February.
(BTW, this is the first post of the year and one after a break of almost a year from blogging).

In 2019, I don’t have any resolutions but I have took up new habits like taking good care of my skin, eating healthy. So, the first thing I incorporated in my beauty routine was skin supplements. And when searching for good supplements, I heard that Mathilde Lacombe is launching her brand. I obviously wanted to get my hands on them because I have been following her since a long time and she is all for healthy lifestyle, effective products, etc.

“It all starts from the inside”

Aime was launched a few months back with the concept “It all starts from the inside” and I believe that we are what we eat (and think and do 🙂 )

Aime offers 3 types of supplements : French glow, Pure glow and Urban glow, each targeting different skin care problems. The products are composed and made in France with the help of a micro-nutritionist and contain clean and plant-based ingredients to boost your skin from the inside.

Unlike most other supplements, Aime supplements can be taken in the morning on empty stomach, which means, you can take them as soon as you wake up. You can keep it by the bedside and no need to take take them with you everywhere.

Aime suggests taking 2 capsules a day and it can be taken either alone or with other products of the brand. In a bottle, you get 60 capsules for one month program or you can sign up for a subscription to get it delivered every month. If you like the product, I would advise you to opt for a subscription plan because, often there is a long waiting list to get the products.

My experience

I chose to try the French glow because it contains Hyaluronic acid and probiotics among other ingredients, and I don’t have specific skin concerns except for dull skin. I have been taking the French glow cure since the start of January everyday religiously. I am so bad when it comes to following a routine (hello laziness !) but I have been almost consistent with these supplements (I skipped maybe 1 or 2 days).

I finished my one month cure, do I see a change ?

I haven’t used any new skin care products to not mix up the results and my skin felt plump and hydrated and there was less dryness. I have seen some feedback posted on their Insta page of people whose rosacea lessened with the supplements.

A week after I finished my one month cure, my skin feels dull. I miss the glow that I had while taking the supplements. So, I am going to continue taking the supplments. Keep glowing!

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