It’s me, Shylu, the one behind this blog. I’m an ambivert caught in between Indian and French culture, trying to blend in and stand out at the same time.

I am living in France since 2012 and happily married to a Frenchy since a few years. 

During all these years, I have discovered France through travel, food, fashion, the people I met and especially through the French bureaucracy (but still, I love you ma chère France!).

I started to write this blog when I was in India to share my thoughts on beauty. But soon I wanted to share more than that and I needed a new start too. So That Shy girl was created taking into account my ambivert personality.

I am an Instagram addict, so catch me there too : @shylu_ap

Do hang around and leave your blog link so that I can check it out 🙂